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Our History

HADI HAIDER COMPANY (HHC), is one of the largest and most professionally managed construction Company in Saudi Arabia. The name Hadi Haider is synonymous with Quality, Safety and Project Management. The result is a powerful presence in the diverse fields of Power Transmission & Distribution, Smart/Digital Substations, Power generation, Instrumentation, Process Control, Testing & Commissioning.
With the synergy of expertise and resources available within the Hadi Haider group for taking up large construction projects, HADI HAIDER COMPANY (HHC) was incorporated in 1975 as a wholly owned Saudi Company. HHC is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracting Company for execution of projects in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

EPC Contractor with all-round capability

Today, Hadi Haider Company is one of the leading EPC contractors in Saudi Arabia, providing a wide range of services for Power Plants, Desalination Plants, Power Transmission Lines, Power Distribution, Petrochemical Plants and Refinery projects. Hadi Haider is the first company in Saudi Arabia to take up construction of 380/115 kV Smart Digital Substations. The digital Substation is a pioneering technology which will allow better grid management and improve reliability of power system.
HHC caters to:
  • Engineering and Design Services
  • Procurement
  • Electrical Work
  • Civil work
  • Mechanical work
  • On-site Erection and installation
  • Construction Management
  • Testing & Commissioning
With its all-round capability, the Company has diversified into multiple field for high technology projects where expertise and capability matters.
HHC has successfully completed a number of projects which include:
  • Power Plants
  • Overhead Power Transmission Lines 115 kV and 380 kV
  • Substations and Switching Stations 115,132,380 kV
  • Petrochemical Plants, Mechanical and Electrical Installations.
  • Refineries Mechanical, Electrical Substation Construction.
HHC has garnered rich experience in implementing projects in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Syria and the rest of the Middle East.
The Corporate Office of Hadi Haider Company is located at Rahima Rastanura City, centrally located between Dammam and Jubail industrial City. It is the administrative and technical nerve center closely coordinating the entire area of activities of the company spread over different parts of Saudi Arabia and the whole middle east. The HHC Business Development model allows us to deliver quality in all streams of our business line like Procurement, Project Monitoring & Cost Control, Inspection, Accounts, Personnel, Civil, Mechanical, Substations, Transmission Line, Instrumentation Testing & Commissioning Departments.
The dedicated team of HHC comprising Senior Management staff, Engineers, highly skilled technicians, specialist operators and support group enable to achieve our mission and vision. The Majority of the Managerial, Supervisory, Skilled and Unskilled personnel for each project is recruited from countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, & Nepal. HHC has its own sophisticated machinery for carrying out Civil construction and installation of Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation equipment and to carry out Testing & Commissioning Services. HHC is in the progress of training Saudi National to meet Vision 2030.