Hadi Haider Company (HHC) Quality Policy is to deliver products and services that will meet HHC and the Clients Quality requirements on time, and in the most efficient and cost effective manner achievable.

  • HHC management is dedicated to achieve this through its well-experienced and trained staff and other resources available.
  • All personnel will be trained to ensure they understand the Quality requirements of HHC and its valuable Clients.
  • All personnel will ensure HHC and its Clients Quality requirements are effectively maintained and implemented, by the adherence to approved Procedures and Work Instructions, where applicable.
  • To achieve customer satisfaction by preventing Non-Conformity at all stages from design through to servicing.
  • All personnel are actively encouraged to seek and identify areas for improvement as part of our commitment to Continuous Improvement.
The Hadi Haider Company specializes in the design, procurement, fabrication, construction and installation of facilities to the oil/gas, power generation & transmission and related industries. The nature of the company and activities places particular emphasis upon experience, expertise, capability,  reliability and quality.
The prime objective of the management of The Hadi Haider Company is to provide facilities and associated services in a manner, which confirm to contractual requirements.
In order  to achieve this objective, it is the policy of the Hadi Haider Company to establish and maintain an efficient and effective quality assurance program, planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions. Determination of conformance of work to contract requirements is verified on the basis of objective evidence of quality.
The quality assurance program of The Hadi Haider Company is based upon the requirements of ISO 9001 ‘Quality Systems-Model For Quality Assurance In Design, Development, Production, Installing and Servicing’ and Schedule “Q” Quality Assurance and Control, Inspection and Testing of the contract.
The Hadi Haider Company’s Quality Plan and the systems included therein, describe how the quality assurance program of The Hadi Haider Company is designed to ensure that all quality requirements are recognized and that a consistent and uniform control of these requirements is adequately maintained. The Hadi Haider Company’s Quality Plan also defines how effective control is established.