• Hadi Haider Company recognizes the important of industrial safety as an integral part of production and the well being of its employee.
  • Safety administration is a line organization function. For this reason, successful safety administration requires the compliance of all supervision and the employees of different craft to the efficient use of tools and equipment are suited to the task.
  • The substances of administrative efforts for accident prevention is a percentage of compliance on safety policy being implemented aimed at a zero lost-time injury and the eliminations of accident, for the protection of life, health , environment and properties.
  • The Company undertakes to conform to Saudi Arabian Law and Regulations and the rules and regulation of any company upon whose premises work is undertaken or who contract work to HHC.
  • Mr.Mohamed Hadi Al-Hammam, as Managing Director, accepts final responsibility for the safe standards and actions implemented by his employee.
  • In the pursuance of the above responsibilities, the Company designates key site personnel to implement, monitor and review its safety procedures and practices and it is emphasized that all operatives in the employment of the Company are made aware of their responsibilities in maintaining high standard of safety. All Supervisory Staff have received previous training and all are well aware of their responsibilities.
To supplement the foregoing statement of intent, has been developed to provide Management, Supervisors, and Operatives the guidelines on techniques and procedures design to promote a safe and healthy working environment.

All levels of Supervisory Staff, shall be responsible and accountable for maintaning the procedures and standards stipulated and ensuring that strict adherence promotes safe and more effient operations on this site.

Primary aim is to educate all personnel in methods of safety procedures with the ultimate objective of ensuring an accident free work place.

The Company Safety Programme is an integral part of all site activities, Supervisor shall ensure that:
  • Safety is included in work planning.
  • Operative follow safety practices during daily work activities.
  • The Safety Manager in cooperation with Line Supervision will determine training needs. This Safety programme wil be audited by the Safety Manager to ensure compliance on all sites