Testing & Commissioning

In its role as a competent and complete EPC contractor of electrical projects, HHC has deployed substantial technical and managerial resources in the fast growing field of EHV Electrical Testing & Commissioning Services.  Several projects have been completed  by  HHC. Few of our testing and  commissioning capabilities  include :

  • Protection & Control  Relay Testing
  • DC & AC High Pot Testing
  • Double Test
  • SCADA  and  RTU  Testing
  • High Voltage  Transformer  Testing
  • 380 KV  GIS  Testing
  • 380 KV  Out Door Gantry Equipment
  • Battery  and Battery  Charger System
  • Generator  Testing
  • OH Transmission  Line  Testing.
  • Transformer Oil Filtration 

List of Major Projects Completed:

Complete Testing & Commissioning Services for;
  •  380 kV GIS and related protection and control system of 4 x 600 MW Ghazlan Power Plant II expansion.
  • 230/69/13.8 kV Substation No. 80 including 230kV LPOF Cable and 230 kV Overhead Transmission Line at Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Arabia.
  • 230/69/13.8 kV Substation No.215 including 230kV XLPE cable at Ras Tanura Refinery, Saudi Arabia.
  • Three (3) 380 kV Double Circuit Overhead Transmission Line from Ghazlan Power Plant II to Al Fadhili and Ghunan Substation for Al Sharif / SCECO East in Saudi Arabia.
  • 230 kV XLPE Cable and Lightning Arrester at Qatif BSP for AARTCO / SCECO(East), Saudi Arabia.
  • 115kv sub station for GOSP-3 & GOSP-4 HAWIYA Aramco, Saudi Arabia.
  • 115kv/13.8kv NAF substation Phase – I including protection and control system.
  • Saudi Aramco Substation No. 51 for MMG at Ras Tanura Refinery.
  • Substation at Abqaiq Refinery for LG Construction.
  • Package No. 2 Substation for BSW at Ras Tanura Refinery,
  • Seawater Cooling System at Jubail for Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia.
  • Substation at Jubail for S.A. Kent / Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Aramco Replacement of Substation No.33 at Ras Tanura Terminal.
  • Saudi Aramco, Substations No.8, 10, 11 & 12 at Rabigh Refinery.
  • 115  KV  Substation  6F  Royal commission  Yanbu Including   100  MVA  6 nos  Transformers  and  115  KV  XLPE    Cable , Protection and  control  System , SCADA and LDC  Integration
  • 380 kv  and  115KV   SSPP Project-Royal  Commission  , Yanbu  Complete testing  and  commissioning  of  380KV  SSPP and 115kV  SSPP  Switchyard substation   and  115 KV SS 9I.
  1. 380kV GIS , 115  KV  GIS including CT,PT and  Breaker testing .
  2. 380kV and 115 KV  GIS  Control System  (IEC  61850  Protocol) 
  3. 380kV  &  115  KV   Protective Relays  System - Advanced numerical protection and control relays of  ABB, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, etc. All these relay were compatible with IEC 61850 protocol , relays such as Line protection, Transformer Protection, Bus Bar Protection relays, Auxiliary relays, etc.
  4. 380kV Line  &  115  KV  Line  Revenue Energy  Meters .
  5. 380kV Micro SCADA and  115  KV  Micro  SCADA  & RTU    and  LDC  integration  for  all the vital data from the Protection relays,, Control Relays,  Switchgear status &   control , other devices  control  &  alarms , Analog Data  and integrate  to  the load dispatch Centre (LDC)
  6. 380 KV /115  KV , 500 MVA   Transformers( 3Nos)   testing  and  oil filtration.
  7. SS9I  - 115 KV  GIS  ,100 MVA  Transformer , 34.5  KV  Switch  Gear sand  13.8  KV Switch Gear Including , Protection  relays ,control  ,Revenue  metering, Hi Pot Testing of 115  KV cable  , 34.5  KV  and 13.8  KV  cable  , Battery &Battery  charger System , Fiber Optic  cable  testing , Diesel  Generator and station switchgear  testing.