Mechanical Construction

HHC ’s fabrication extensive in-house capabilities . The company owns and operates fabrication facilities and lay down yards in Rastanura and Yanbu. HHC   equipped with  latest  machinery  including automatic, semi-automatic and manual welding equipment. Further, HHC  owns and maintains  construction equipment, heavy lift machinery and tools to enhance its field construction capabilities. HHC  capabilities include prefabrication of process modules for furnaces, heaters, radiant , convection coilsand  heavy  structures  foundations.

Mechanical  & Structural Works Unit

Steel Structural work involves fabrication, installation and erection, inspection and testing &commissioning .
Prior to the start of any work the Quality Assurance and Control Department of the HHC  will draw up a plan and schedule in consultation with the clients for periodic testing of process modules and equipment at the different stages of the fabrication.   HHC has the capability to fabricate steel structures stages and platforms.
Mechanical work refers to piping  works related to lifting and installation, preparation and testing of mechanical equipment  of  oil & gas  and petrochemical plants  as  follows .
  • Piping spool fabrication and Painting.
  • Pipe support fabrication and painting
  • Pipe rack fabrication and painting.
  • Platforms,Handrails, and Ladders fabrication and painting
  • Miscellaneous structural steel fabrication and painting.

 HHC   is well experienced in process piping fabrication specially  pipe  used  in  Oil  &  Gas  and  petrochemical  industries and  power plant  of all types of materials from normal carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel, low alloy to high alloy steel and special alloy materials, ranging from small bore to large bore piping.

Plant   Support  and  services 

HHC Fabrication services include workshop, field and plant support to the  construction   projects  ,Power  plant  and  petrochemical  industries by providing miscellaneous fabrication, erection, & construction work from its facilities at Jubail & Yanbu and Rabigh as well as at the client’s plant site. HHC Fabrication team  immediate response to client's urgent needs by mobilizing experienced Engineer  , supervisors, highly skilled welders/fabricators  and all the necessary equipment and tools in a timely manner. 

Skids and  Modules

HHC  has successfully executed several contracts pertaining to assembly and installation of skids, furnaces and pipe rack modules   for petrochemical plants , Oil  & Gas industries  and  Power  Plant .